How far do you agree that World War One was caused by the Alliance System?

World war one started on 1914 June 28 and ended in 1918. Which killed millions of people and broke up numerous families. The major countries involved in WW1 are Germany, Hungary, Austria, Great Britain, etc. There are 5 major reasons for starting world war 1. Which are militarism, Alliances, nationalism, imperialism, and Assassination, alias M.A.I.N.A

Firstly, Militarism. It simply means a policy invested in the military and strengthening the military force by increasing and developing weapons, and by getting more men. Although world war one would still happen if there wasn’t militarism as countries would still fight for other reasons like Imperialism and nationalism, it should still be prevented as it had caused more death and innumerable injuries.

Secondly, A stands for Alliances. Alliance undoubtedly doesn’t mean friendship, there definitely won’t be altruistic countries in wars, they only fight for power and money. Then what is an alliance? It is simply a relationship between countries which is signed in a paper which normally needs the annexed countries to give support to the besieged country if they were in danger of being attacked by other rivals, conversely, there will be huge consequences as they will be viewed as a betrayer. There are two major alliances in world war 1:Russia, Serbia, France, Britain, Belgium and Japan against Austria Hungary, and Germany. At last, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, as Russia got involved to defend Serbia. As Germany saw Russia mobilizing to defend Serbia, they also declared war on Russia. France was then drawn in to buttress Russia and Britain is also pulled into the war by Belgium, this is the Alliances in world war one which is intricate and complex. Alliances may have stopped countries from fighting each other as alliances in the past don’t include contacts about money economics nor power, which still doesn’t help to stop them from starting the war due to reasons like imperialism and nationalism. But there will definitely be fewer countries involved in this petrifying war, which millions of lives could be prevented. In another facet, I personally agree that the alliance system is also a major and essential issue causing the outbreak of the war.

Thirdly, Imperialism has a definition of countries trying to aggrandize their powers and wealth by dominating other countries. In addition, before world war 1, Africa and parts of Asia were points of contention among the European countries, making the countries desire and competition for greater empires.

Fourthly, Nationalism. In a political aspect,” Nationalism is an idea and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation’s sovereignty over its homeland.” This also includes winning glory and pride compared to other countries.

Lastly, Assassination. Assassination has a definition of killing someone who has great power such as governors or heads of states. Franz Ferdinand was a good example of assassination. There was the immediate cause after his death which is one of the major reasons for the start of world war 1. The black hand was told to be a terrorist group that originated from Austria which was viewed as biased terrorism as it killed one of the governors in their rivals. This can definitely stop World War one as the reason Austria declared war on Serbia which caused world war 1 because of the murder of Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

In conclusion, I think that the alliance system wouldn’t have stopped a war from outbreaking as there are still several reasons for the war to happen. But there will definitely be fewer countries involved in the fight as countries are forced to help other countries that had an alliance with them. This system killed more innocents and brave, robust, and indigent warriors die. I personally think that other reasons are more important such as assassination, without Franz Ferdinand’s death, there probably won’t be the eruption of world war 1.




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